Meet Tim

Tim and his wife Angela both grew up in District 31, graduating from Millard West in 2003.  After they graduated from Northwest Missouri State, they returned home to teach in our community.  Angela teaches kindergarten at West Bay Elementary in Elkhorn and Tim is a teacher in Millard Public Schools, currently serving as the President of the Millard Education Association.  They live in the heart of the district with their two amazing daughters, Annabeth and Ellison.  

Tim has taught more than 1,600 students in a variety of classes: World Geography, Law Studies, World History, AP US History, AP European History, AP World History, and United States Government and Economics.  He also coached debate for eight years, helping the Millard West debate team earn five consecutive state championships.

Tim was honored to represent Nebraska’s excellent schools as the 2016 Nebraska Teacher of the Year.  He was also named to the Millard Alumni Hall of Fame and was part of the 2017 class of Ten Outstanding Young Omahans in recognition of his work in education.

In addition to working in the classroom for the previous thirteen years, Tim has been an active member of the Millard Education Association (MEA), serving as the MEA’s Chief Negotiator.  Tim has worked on multiple contracts for the teachers in Millard, and has had the unique opportunity to develop effective budgets, policy language, and to tackle the challenges of health insurance and other benefits.

Why I decided to run

I am running for office because so much of my life has been shaped by my experience growing up in this community.  I would not trade it for anything, and I want to make sure that my daughters’ generation is given that same positive experience.

Our community has shown time and time again that it will look out for each other and will do whatever is necessary to maintain our great schools.  In the last few years, though, it has become more and more difficult to maintain the strengths of our community here in West Omaha.  

As a teacher, I know that we have had to do more with less as we receive fewer resources from the state each year.  However, I should not have to steal tables from other rooms to make enough space for my students because my class sizes keep growing.  We should not have to ask the tax payers to increase their property taxes with a levy override because the state won’t do its job.  We should make sure that our state government is making it easier to live our lives, not harder.

So I am stepping away from the career that I love so that I can go to Lincoln and bring District 31 the resources and supports that it deserves.  This community has trusted me with the privilege of teaching thousands of students for over a decade.  I am confident that in that time I have shown that you will not find a more committed, hard-working public servant to represent you in the Unicameral.

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