Working to Strengthen Our Schools

Nebraska districts rely on property taxes to fund our schools more than nearly every other state.  The state funding formula, TEEOSA, has been tinkered with repeatedly to the detriment of our students.  In many years, the Legislature has not even fully funded state aid to schools based on the formula’s recommendation and, as a result, districts like Millard are receiving less money now from the state than they were in 2010.  

I will work to review and reform the state funding formula for schools to ensure that our districts are getting the necessary resources from the state so school districts do not have to rely so heavily on property taxes to fund education for our children.

I will also work to provide those districts that develop strong programs for college and career readiness with the funding and support needed to make those programs successful.

Funding our schools properly is needed to improve outcomes for our students and to provide genuine property tax relief for Nebraskans.  Elkhorn and Millard voters have demonstrated their support for quality education time and time again with successful bond and levy override votes.  But it is time for the state to step up and do its part in funding education for our kids and our community.  In fact, it is a Constitutional responsibility for the state to fund education.

The education of our children – our next generation of workers and job-creators – is essential to Nebraska’s long-term economic growth and is one of my priorities.  I believe that by investing in education, we can build a strong foundation for economic success and prosperity.

Reforming Our Tax Code

Our state government has been forced to make cuts and reduce programs for years either because tax receipts come in below expectations, or because unfunded obligations drain too much of our state’s budget.  The way the state collects revenue is outdated and ineffective: it places too much of a burden on hard working families, small businesses, and our farmers and ranchers. 

We need to thoroughly re-examine our current practices, see how our economy has evolved in the twenty-first century, and determine what revisions are necessary so that our tax code will generate the revenue needed to fully fund our critical state programs.  I will work to ensure that any reforms keep our dollars here in Nebraska, and that the changes benefit the bottom line of the families and individuals living in our community.

Retaining Our Talent and Supporting Our Business Community

Every year, thousands of young Nebraskans that we have spent years educating and preparing to be excellent members of our community move out of our state to pursue other opportunities.  As a result, Nebraska has a severe labor shortage that is holding back our economy.

We need to make sure that the next generation of Nebraskans wants to stay in Nebraska.  I will pursue a number of programs that will help retain our young adults, including:

  • Expanding public-private partnerships between schools and local employers to create schools-to-jobs pipelines;
  • Finding ways to expand community college partnerships with our high schools to give students career training before they complete their high school diploma;
  • Creating programs to help graduates tackle the challenges of student debt; and
  • Implementing robust, family friendly policies that would address issues like paid maternity and paternity leave, affordable health care, and more.

Most importantly, I would work to bring our business leaders in as partners in any legislation to ensure that we are creating a strong climate to the benefit of our local employers.  Supporting our local employers and employees with practical, effective programs is important to our community’s growth and economic success.

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